Bangkok, an exceptional Thai City!!!

Thailand’s capital Bangkok is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the world internationally. The low travel and tour expenses coupled with culture, art, nightlife and a grand shopping experience make the city so popular. It is easily one of Asia’s biggest cosmopolitan cities with skyscrapers and a whole lot of traffic.

Since Thailand is essentially an island, the climate there is almost always humid to hot. Winters are short and moderately cool and the rainy season is the longest – from May to October.

Sites to Visit in Bangkok

The rich Thai culture is something you want to take back when you visit the city of Bangkok. A number of temples are popular tourist sites. Perhaps the most visited one is the Grand Palace followed by Wat Pho. Broaden your horizons by learning the culture and religion of the Buddhists in these temples. Wat Pho contains the largest inclining Buddha statue in gold. The ticket fee is minimal and it is open for tourists around the year. Nearby Wat Pho is Wat Arun, another popular temple that you can reach through a ferry across Chao Phraya River.

Along with these there are other sacred temples all mostly concentrated on the island of Rattanakosin or the Old City.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Believe it or not, Bangkok is known for its masseurs. The pampering, massaging and spas in the city are something every tourist must experience because it’s a massage you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Bangkok also has a lot of traffic (and by that we mean A LOT). Make the road travel more enjoyable by hailing a Tuk Tuk ride which is a Thai version of the Indian rickshaw vehicle or take a bicycle tour.  My friend, Jesse, who owns is an avid cyclist and LOVED this bike tour, having gone on three excursions while visiting the region.

Muay Thai, a popular self-defense sport is also a technique you can learn during your stay in Thailand. Uniquely Thai, this sport resembles karate in its essence but with slightly different moves and techniques.

The nightlife in Bangkok is also popular. Wine, clubs and street bars are all part of a normal night in the city of Bangkok.

What You Will Love To See In Barcelona!!

This city in Spain is known to be the largest city in Catalonia, which is one of the most populous regions of the country. Known to be sixth most populous city in the European Union, it is also one of the largest metropolises which are located on the Mediterranean Sea. As per the historic roots of the city, it was founded as a Roman city as part of the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the County of Barcelona. It was known as the administrative and economic center of the Kingdom of Aragon and even today the historical culture and heritage of the region is evident in the different landmarks to be found in the city.

The modern city of Barcelona is known to be a cultural, tourist and economic center of Europe that makes it a global city in many aspects. It is also known to be the fourth powerful city economically by GDP offering maximum employment rate in the country.

Sagrada Familia is a landmark church that was designed by Gaudi. Known to be a renowned church that was left unfinished by the great artist Antoni Gaudi, it also houses a museum as well as offers wonderful views of the city.

La Rambla is a street located in central Barcelona that is known to house a popular marketplace which has pedestrian malls and tree lined avenues that are wonderful to explore. The area is also known for flamenco music and dance by local artists.

You can also visit Park Guell where the sculptural edifices of Gaudi can be seen. These are found in a park setting and houses a museum as well as panoramic views.

Casa Milà is another arts venue that houses Catalan art made by Gaudi which has a quarry like façade. It also houses exhibitions and concerts as well.

Plaça de Catalunya is a central square here, which is known for historic sculptures. This scenic square is filled with cafes and shops and there are special events that are showcased here.

Visiting The Capital City Of Ecuador: Quito

One of the cities that is a must visit in South America is Quito that is formally known as San Francisco de Quito. This city is known as the capital city of Ecuador. Having an elevation of about 9350 feet above sea level, this city is known to be the highest, as per capital city locations go, after La Paz and is also closest to the Equator.

The city is by the Guayllabamba River and has an active volcano on the Andes Mountains. This city also houses the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations. There is a historic center of the city which is one of the best preserved historic centers in the Americas. It is also one of the cultural heritage sites, one of the firsts which as declared by UNESCO, back in 1978. The central square of the city lies close to the equator while the city extends within a radius of one kilometer around the zero latitude. The general location of the equator is marked here with a monument and a museum.

  • Among the places worth visiting here is the Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo. This is the plaza and the monument that marks the equator. When visitors stand around it, they are a foot in each hemisphere around the stone monument here.
  • Cotopaxi National Park is a park that has volcanoes, condors and a lake area. With trails and pine trees and a rich, natural landscape, this place is popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • The Basílica Del Voto Nacional is a neo Gothic church here, which offers great views from the towers. This church was built in the 19th century and offers great city views.
  • Compañía de Jesús in Quito is a church with rich ornate baroque architecture. This church was built here in the seventeenth century. With gilded interiors and elaborate carvings, the church is a must visit by all who come here.
  • El Panecillo is a basilica here that was formed on top of a hill with volcanic origin. The history of the place dates back centuries and it is located at a high elevation.
  • Church and Convent of St. Francis in Quito is a church that houses, baroque art and is a large historic landmark to visit. The interiors have elaborate paintings and sculpture as well.

Important Landmarks Of Washington DC

Washington DC being the political center of the US, this city cannot be missed when you are planning to visit the iconic and important cities of the country. Located in the District of Columbia, this city is also referred to as the capital of the US. This capital district was created when the Residence Act was signed in July 1790. The city is located in the east coast of the country by the Potomac River. This district was created from lands taken from the neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland and was named in honor of the late President George Washington.

The metropolitan area of Washington, form the principal city which is also the sixth largest metropolitan area of the country. It is home to several federal government buildings as well as national monuments and museums. These are mostly located around the National Mall area. The city is also home to several international organizations and their headquarters as well as several professional associations, trade unions and others.

Among the landmarks to check out here would be the White House, which is the home for the president of the country. There are tours for visitors here as well as historic landmarks and houses the home and office of the current president.

National Mall is a promenade region that has historic memorial parks which include memorials erected in memory of Lincoln, FDR, MLK, WWII and Vietnam vets.

Lincoln Memorial is the marble monument that was erected to honor the 16th president of the country. The marble statue is 19 ft in length and has murals as well as a reflecting pool in the grounds.

The United States Capitol is the next place to visit which is the legendary home of US legislature. It is a classical building that houses the US Senate and the House of Representatives. It is open for tours as well.

Washington Monument should be your next stop which is a tribute to the first president of the country. It is an obelisk that rises and is an iconic structure in the National Mall region that is hard to miss.

These are some of the several iconic landmarks you must see when you are in Washington DC.

Visiting Martinique – Things To Do & See

Martinique forms an insular region in France which is located in the eastern region of the Caribbean Sea and part of the Lesser Antilles. It forms a part of France that is an overseas location. It belongs to the Windward Islands and is considered an integral part of French Republic. It also belongs to the European Union and its currency is the euro. The official language here is French though Antillean Creole is also spoken by the natives here.

It is also known as the island of iguanas which hints at the rich and unique flora and fauna to be found here. Many even call Martinique to Paris of the Caribbean. Being a part of France as well as the Caribbean, this place offers a unique cultural blend akin to these two communities. Hence, if you visit this French colonial town you will find that, as per French custom, many businesses have a lengthy lunch and observe siestas to resume operations in the afternoon. The standard of living and affluence of people here makes it a richer place compared to other Caribbean countries. You will find many French brands and businesses here. It is considered a vacation hotspot as well with many upper class French people having alternate and summer residences here.

When one comes to Martinique not only will they love the scenic beaches and waterscape but gets to enjoy unique cuisine offerings. There are flavors of the French, African, South Asian and Caribbean-American cuisines to be found here that leads to several hybrid cuisine offerings in this region. The music industry is also popular here and zouk music is said to have originated in this part of the world. Zouk is based on the folk music that is native to this both Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Among places to visit and things to do, one could visit the Anse Dufour, which is a popular beach here; Habitation Clement is a historic site here. Among the numerous gardens here one could visit Jardin de Balata as well.