What You Will Love To See In Barcelona!!

This city in Spain is known to be the largest city in Catalonia, which is one of the most populous regions of the country. Known to be sixth most populous city in the European Union, it is also one of the largest metropolises which are located on the Mediterranean Sea. As per the historic roots of the city, it was founded as a Roman city as part of the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the County of Barcelona. It was known as the administrative and economic center of the Kingdom of Aragon and even today the historical culture and heritage of the region is evident in the different landmarks to be found in the city.

The modern city of Barcelona is known to be a cultural, tourist and economic center of Europe that makes it a global city in many aspects. It is also known to be the fourth powerful city economically by GDP offering maximum employment rate in the country.

Sagrada Familia is a landmark church that was designed by Gaudi. Known to be a renowned church that was left unfinished by the great artist Antoni Gaudi, it also houses a museum as well as offers wonderful views of the city.

La Rambla is a street located in central Barcelona that is known to house a popular marketplace which has pedestrian malls and tree lined avenues that are wonderful to explore. The area is also known for flamenco music and dance by local artists.

You can also visit Park Guell where the sculptural edifices of Gaudi can be seen. These are found in a park setting and houses a museum as well as panoramic views.

Casa Milà is another arts venue that houses Catalan art made by Gaudi which has a quarry like façade. It also houses exhibitions and concerts as well.

Plaça de Catalunya is a central square here, which is known for historic sculptures. This scenic square is filled with cafes and shops and there are special events that are showcased here.

Visiting The Capital City Of Ecuador: Quito

One of the cities that is a must visit in South America is Quito that is formally known as San Francisco de Quito. This city is known as the capital city of Ecuador. Having an elevation of about 9350 feet above sea level, this city is known to be the highest, as per capital city locations go, after La Paz and is also closest to the Equator.

The city is by the Guayllabamba River and has an active volcano on the Andes Mountains. This city also houses the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations. There is a historic center of the city which is one of the best preserved historic centers in the Americas. It is also one of the cultural heritage sites, one of the firsts which as declared by UNESCO, back in 1978. The central square of the city lies close to the equator while the city extends within a radius of one kilometer around the zero latitude. The general location of the equator is marked here with a monument and a museum.

  • Among the places worth visiting here is the Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo. This is the plaza and the monument that marks the equator. When visitors stand around it, they are a foot in each hemisphere around the stone monument here.
  • Cotopaxi National Park is a park that has volcanoes, condors and a lake area. With trails and pine trees and a rich, natural landscape, this place is popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • The Basílica Del Voto Nacional is a neo Gothic church here, which offers great views from the towers. This church was built in the 19th century and offers great city views.
  • Compañía de Jesús in Quito is a church with rich ornate baroque architecture. This church was built here in the seventeenth century. With gilded interiors and elaborate carvings, the church is a must visit by all who come here.
  • El Panecillo is a basilica here that was formed on top of a hill with volcanic origin. The history of the place dates back centuries and it is located at a high elevation.
  • Church and Convent of St. Francis in Quito is a church that houses, baroque art and is a large historic landmark to visit. The interiors have elaborate paintings and sculpture as well.