Bangkok, an exceptional Thai City!!!

Thailand’s capital Bangkok is perhaps one of the most visited cities in the world internationally. The low travel and tour expenses coupled with culture, art, nightlife and a grand shopping experience make the city so popular. It is easily one of Asia’s biggest cosmopolitan cities with skyscrapers and a whole lot of traffic.

Since Thailand is essentially an island, the climate there is almost always humid to hot. Winters are short and moderately cool and the rainy season is the longest – from May to October.

Sites to Visit in Bangkok

The rich Thai culture is something you want to take back when you visit the city of Bangkok. A number of temples are popular tourist sites. Perhaps the most visited one is the Grand Palace followed by Wat Pho. Broaden your horizons by learning the culture and religion of the Buddhists in these temples. Wat Pho contains the largest inclining Buddha statue in gold. The ticket fee is minimal and it is open for tourists around the year. Nearby Wat Pho is Wat Arun, another popular temple that you can reach through a ferry across Chao Phraya River.

Along with these there are other sacred temples all mostly concentrated on the island of Rattanakosin or the Old City.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Believe it or not, Bangkok is known for its masseurs. The pampering, massaging and spas in the city are something every tourist must experience because it’s a massage you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Bangkok also has a lot of traffic (and by that we mean A LOT). Make the road travel more enjoyable by hailing a Tuk Tuk ride which is a Thai version of the Indian rickshaw vehicle or take a bicycle tour.  

Muay Thai, a popular self-defense sport is also a technique you can learn during your stay in Thailand. Uniquely Thai, this sport resembles karate in its essence but with slightly different moves and techniques.

The nightlife in Bangkok is also popular. Wine, clubs and street bars are all part of a normal night in the city of Bangkok.