Important Landmarks Of Washington DC

Washington DC being the political center of the US, this city cannot be missed when you are planning to visit the iconic and important cities of the country. Located in the District of Columbia, this city is also referred to as the capital of the US. This capital district was created when the Residence Act was signed in July 1790. The city is located in the east coast of the country by the Potomac River. This district was created from lands taken from the neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland and was named in honor of the late President George Washington.

The metropolitan area of Washington, form the principal city which is also the sixth largest metropolitan area of the country. It is home to several federal government buildings as well as national monuments and museums. These are mostly located around the National Mall area. The city is also home to several international organizations and their headquarters as well as several professional associations, trade unions and others.

Among the landmarks to check out here would be the White House, which is the home for the president of the country. There are tours for visitors here as well as historic landmarks and houses the home and office of the current president.

National Mall is a promenade region that has historic memorial parks which include memorials erected in memory of Lincoln, FDR, MLK, WWII and Vietnam vets.

Lincoln Memorial is the marble monument that was erected to honor the 16th president of the country. The marble statue is 19 ft in length and has murals as well as a reflecting pool in the grounds.

The United States Capitol is the next place to visit which is the legendary home of US legislature. It is a classical building that houses the US Senate and the House of Representatives. It is open for tours as well.

Washington Monument should be your next stop which is a tribute to the first president of the country. It is an obelisk that rises and is an iconic structure in the National Mall region that is hard to miss.

These are some of the several iconic landmarks you must see when you are in Washington DC.