What You Will Love To See In Barcelona!!

This city in Spain is known to be the largest city in Catalonia, which is one of the most populous regions of the country. Known to be sixth most populous city in the European Union, it is also one of the largest metropolises which are located on the Mediterranean Sea. As per the historic roots of the city, it was founded as a Roman city as part of the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the County of Barcelona. It was known as the administrative and economic center of the Kingdom of Aragon and even today the historical culture and heritage of the region is evident in the different landmarks to be found in the city.

The modern city of Barcelona is known to be a cultural, tourist and economic center of Europe that makes it a global city in many aspects. It is also known to be the fourth powerful city economically by GDP offering maximum employment rate in the country.

Sagrada Familia is a landmark church that was designed by Gaudi. Known to be a renowned church that was left unfinished by the great artist Antoni Gaudi, it also houses a museum as well as offers wonderful views of the city.

La Rambla is a street located in central Barcelona that is known to house a popular marketplace which has pedestrian malls and tree lined avenues that are wonderful to explore. The area is also known for flamenco music and dance by local artists.

You can also visit Park Guell where the sculptural edifices of Gaudi can be seen. These are found in a park setting and houses a museum as well as panoramic views.

Casa Milà is another arts venue that houses Catalan art made by Gaudi which has a quarry like façade. It also houses exhibitions and concerts as well.

Plaça de Catalunya is a central square here, which is known for historic sculptures. This scenic square is filled with cafes and shops and there are special events that are showcased here.